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Cyber Security of Building Automation Controls Systems

Major Security Breaches of the 21st Century: An Analysis of the Potential Impact of SCIT

Telos Corporation Ensures the Security Posture of Security Solutions from SCIT Labs

SCIT Datasheet

SCIT Concept of Operations

Case Study: Continuous Monitoring, Compromised Server Handling and Forensics

SCIT and Lockheed ClearSky Integration


In addition, the following SCIT  white papers are available on request.  Please use the Contact Us page to submit your request.

- Session Persistence of SCIT
- Agile defense for unified communication
- Integrating SCIT with Current Cyber Security Devices
- SCIT Self Regenerative Survivable Cyber Security
- SCIT and South Carolina Department of Revenue Breach
- SCIT Secure Gateway
- SCIT Enables Hot Patches
- SCIT Servers Enhance Operational Resilience
- SCIT Cost Analysis
- SCIT servers and SCIT cloud System Security Plan : Based on  800-53 Rev 3

- Northrop Grumman Penetration Testing Report
- Kancellar SCIT Report