June 24 – June 26

Arun Sood, speaker, "Minimizing the Risk of a Breach with a Moving Target Solution", AFCEA Cyber Symposium

June 18

Arun Sood, speaker, "SCIT Reduces Zero Day and APT Induced Losses", NVTC Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee

May 28 – 29

Arun Sood, panelist, "Putting Cyber Resilience into Practice",  Secure and Resilient Cyber Architectures Invitational: Moving Cyber Resilience into Practice

May 20 – 21

Arun Sood, panelist, "Critical Issues in C4I", AFCEA-GMU C4I CENTER SYMPOSIUM

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

May 12

Arun Sood, "Roots of Trust in Cyber Physical Systems", Cyber Security Research Alliance Mid Project Workshop

Lockheed Vision Center, Crystal City, VA

February 26

Arun Sood, "Adaptive Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance", Policy & Strategy in a Global Cyber World,

Royal Society, London


June 25

Arun Sood, “Proactive cyber deterrence through moving target defense”, IDGA's 7th Annual Cyber Defense and Network Security 2013, Arlington, VA

April 9

Arun Sood, “Increase Availability and Reduce Cyber Risk through Proactive Cyber Attack Deterrence”, DC Tech Meet Up, Washington DC.

March 5

Arun Sood, “Moving Target Defense. Resilience Through Recovery.” KPMG I-4 Forum, San Diego, CA

February 6

Arun Sood, “Proactive Cyber Deterrence – Reducing Zero Day and APT Losses,” 2013 Delaware Cyber Workshop, Dover, Delaware.